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These all all my trips outside the Netherlands. Trips to destinations inside the Netherlands are not included, because I have not kept track; there are just too many of them. The older trips use latitude/longitude information taken from my own copy of the venerable Times Atlas of the World and for flights a custom great-circle distance gnuplot script was employed. Please note this implies that these older maps are not very accurate compared to today's standards. For the maps of trips since 2008 a GPS track logger was used to record actual latitude/longitude information. Most maps use the CIA World DataBank III, a collection of world map data in the public domain, consisting of vector descriptions of land outlines, rivers, and political boundaries. Some maps use the World Vector Shoreline database, from NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center. I started keeping track of my trips using gnuplot in 1997; way back before Google Earth was around (-; Please notice that the political boundaries in Europe changed at the end of 1989; the international border between the DDR and West Germany disappeared from the maps. Trips before 1990 show this old border; trips from 1990 and later do not show the border between DDR and West Germany. Cool, right?

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